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Coffee N U

A coffee shop of international standards with many value additions, Coffee N U is going to be a Hi-end funky specialty coffee shop targeting the urban youth of 14-40 years. We have different formats like Kiosk, Standard, Lounge, Pub, Garden Café, Shop in Shop etc. looking at the location and target clientele.

Thought Behind Coffee N U

Coffee N U is not just a café. It's a concept. A thought process to build communities, not a single big one, but to have thousands of small communities and we at Coffee N U provide them with a platform, an atmosphere and an ambiance to form a very special bond with coffee. The bond and the relationship between coffee and U, the customer has to be so strong that CNU can be one and only place to share all the shades of human nature. Coffee N U is a celebration place where friends and families can meet and enjoy at our lounge and at the same time a lonely soul can get solace into the books over a cuppa of coffee. A place where one can chat with one's partner or just enjoys the working on internet in the privacy amongst the crowd. CNU means your place with your coffee and anything else is just immaterial.

The USPs of Coffee N U are many like below:

Coffee Blend:

Our special and exclusive coffee blend which has been awarded by Mr. Kenneth David of Coffeereview.com is sure to remain in one's mouth even after half an hour of having our coffee.


Soft ambiance with low height comfortable seatings for that laid back feeling and inviting our customers to come back again coupled with warm earth colours and ambient lights makes our place special.


Coffee N U has more than 40 varieties of coffees including all standard international specialty coffees. We have developed many recipes of coffee drinks specially keeping Indian taste in mind.

Fresh Food:

Except bakery items all the food at Coffee N U is made fresh against order, not just warmed or reheated. Our specialties include veg. and non-veg. Burgers and range of Sandwiches.


We have a range of merchandise for sale and our customers purchase them as memory or for gifting their dear one.

Value additions:

Apart from the very high service standards from our well trained and specialised staff, we offer many value additions in all our cafes which include a library and free Wi-Fi for our customers. A small thing with a big thought like proving charging points for mobiles and laptops near tables is appreciated very much by our customers. We are having in house Hi-tech PC gaming zone called OOVAA.

All the running outlets are being appreciated very much by our customers and the best reward we have is in the form of regular customer base who visit very frequently to our outlets.

Please visit www.coffeenu.com for more information.
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