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In technical and strategic partnership with AMD, our module includes large format HD LCDs with hi-performance PCs with hi-end graphic cards and special gaming chairs having forced feedback vibrations. Our themes of interiors are being appreciated by the gaming community and our stress is to make gaming an unforgettable experience for the gamers.

Gaming today in India in nascent age and one of the fastest growing industries in the world, don't lose the opportunity!

Thought behind OOVAA

Gaming is even bigger that Hollywood and other entertainment industry in the world while it's is in nascent stage in India. In the last couple of years, there is quite a buzz about the gaming but it is still limited to casual gaming. The serious or hardcore gaming in India is still at very early stage as compared to even the neighbouring country like china and other Asian countries like Taiwan or Korea. There are certain factors which hold back the growth of highly potent segment of serious gaming and these are - high cost of PC/ Console, high cost of titles, high piracy and lack of infrastructure.

With the advancement of technology, gaming has left behind other forms of entertainment as this is the only mode which lets one interact with the content of the movie. There is a good population of serious gamers in all Indian cities and there is a unique opportunity to bring more people to this genre.

We at OOVAA provide this platform to existing hardcore gamers and at the same time are committed to bring more people to this unique world of gaming.

The USPs of OOVAA are many as below:

Hi-end PCs:

We at OOVAA have the latest configurations of PCs with very hi-end graphic cards which makes us capable of having the latest of the games available in the world market.

Large Format HD LCDs:

With the high definition large screens, even the minute of the details are very crisp and clear and larger than life images increase the enjoyment of gaming many folds.

Dedicated Connectivity:

We have dedicated connectivity for our on line gamers who can enter the virtual world and play with people with different part of universe.

Unique Gaming Chairs:

We have special gaming chairs which have vibration motors in them and vibrate in synchronisation with the game.

Unique blend with coffee:

All OOVAA outlets have Coffee N U associated with it which makes it a deadly combination and give lots of options to gamers to satisfy their taste buds.


Apart from the game CDs which we sell at OOVAA, we offer lot of unique items for merchandising and keep on updating them.

OOVAA is fast becoming the hub of gamers who connect with it very well and love to spend their time there.

For more information Please visit www.oovaa.in

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